At last! An event in South East Asia devoted exclusively to fine acoustic guitars and lutherie! In keeping with their philosophy of promoting music making, announces the launch of the Singapore Guitar Show®.

Our aim: to spread the word about these artists and artisans who devote their lives to this amazing instrument, and their fabulous instruments.

We offer all guitar fans the ultimate event for coming together, all in a perfectly suited venue. A venue where they can admire, try out and purchase the most beautiful guitars handcrafted by the world’s greatest luthiers.

Guitar fans or amateur musicians, we look forward to meting you at the current edition!

In the meantime, visit our regularly updated website to find out more details and which luthiers will be participating in the Show and about the activity program.

We welcome anyone and everyone from anywhere to visit and to exhibit! For dealer and luthiers enquiries, please email us: here.

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Exhibitors past and present at the show:
John Pearse Strings and Accessories
Wiroon Songbudit Guitars
Christian Durery Guitars
Michael Bashkin Guitars
Laurent Brondel Guitars
Sachar Amos Guitars
Malcolm Tan Guitars
John Greven Guitars
Jeffrey Yong Guitars
Prime Vibe products
Raimundo Guitars
Jack Spira Guitars
Bernanbe Guitars
Awe-in-one picks
Visenut Guitars
Maestro Guitars
Glen Ho Guitars
Memphis Music
Lowden Guitars
Suwig Guitars
Karura Cases
K&K sound
… and many more!

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