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Luthier Jeffrey Yong made his first guitar in 1985 from a DIY kit and from there; he has acquired an insatiable passion and love for natural wood and the sweet sound that he can conjure from his guitar masterpieces.

Jeffrey’s artistry in luthiery has been mostly self-taught. With over the 20 years of guitar making experience, he has traveled widely to share and impart his luthiery knowledge in many countries. Prior to guitar making, Jeffrey was an innovative and creative guitar instructor since 1976 He also founded the Guitar Institute Malaysia (GIM) in 1993 specializing in teaching various genres of guitar playing and guitar construction.

In his quest to find the perfect sound for a guitar, Jeffrey has done extensive research in local Malaysian exotic woods. He has discovered the Malaysian Blackwood and MonkeyPod wood and have since introduced it to the worldwide luthiery community. These exotic woods are now one of the more respect tonewoods favored by many luthiers world wide.

Having been a long time member of the Prestige Guild of American Luthiers and ASIA, his creations has been constantly exposed and commended by fellow members consisting of his peers to highly acclaimed luthiers.
His greatest accolade and recognition came during the GAL convention in Tacoma, Washington in June 2006 where two of his guitars were among the Top Three Best of the Acoustic Guitar Blind Test Listening. His MonkeyPod OM Guitar won the 1st place as the best sounding guitar in terms of tonality,
timbre and sustain. This accolade was conferred by all the luthiers who attended the event, voting for the best guitar in this category.

Jeffrey was also invited to teach at the Luthier School International in California and Jeffrey’s guitars will be exhibited first time at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival in August 2007.
Apart from being a full time professional luthier, Jeffrey also lectures on Guitar Technology at the National Academy of Arts, Culture & Heritage and serve as President for WARISMA, an NGO organization for promoting performing Arts in Malaysia


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