Shun Ng

Shun Ng | Performer


Born in Illinois, raised in Singapore. Shun was struck by the Blues at the age of 16. He played the guitar as much as he could in local Singapore pubs, jamming with the industries’ veterans every week. Just a year later, Shun stepped back into Chicago, the home of electric blues and traded licks with the headliners of the blues scene in the legendary Chicago blues clubs.

Over the years, just as music evolved in America, so did Shun’s. From The Blues to Soul, Funk, Jazz, Rock & Roll and Pop. Exploring legends like James Brown, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Earth, Wind & Fire and The Beatles. He soon created a daring new rhythmic style of playing the guitar incorporating percussion, horn lines, funk bass and ghost notes, venturing into the world of solo fingerstyle guitar, he soon discovered how to control the bass with his thumb, accent the harmony with his other four fingers and play drums with his palm, all simultaneously.

So it begun, the never-ending musical journey of discovery. The hope to rid the world of hate and replace with love, the desire to touch the hearts of people, the longing for change is this world and the pursuit to inspire one to dream again. This is Shun.



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