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Yong Wee Chan began to play the guitar playing only at the age of 17. Like every other youngsters did, began with chords strumming on pop songs. Later, he gets into serious guitar playing. Yong studied classical guitar under Prof. Ronnie I. Theseira until present.
In 2003, Yong deeply impressed by percussive-fingerstyle (New Age guitar music) after watching video perform by the famous Japanese Fingerstyle Guitarist, Isato Nakagawa. He also influenced by Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel, Michael Hedges, Don Ross, and Peter Finger. Above guitarists also being important influences to his compositions in later part.
In Dec 2007, Yong founded “ACPickers”, an online guitar community which gather acoustic guitar players all over Malaysia. Members included some of the top acoustic guitarists in the country who are Roger Wang, Az Samad, Farid Ali, William Kok & Edward Hiew (who is a guitar maker in M’sia).
In Nov 2008, Yong organized the 1st ever Guitar Charity Night in Melaka. Artists include Roger Wang, William Kok, Ika Duo, Kok Jia Ming & Yong Wee Chan. The event successfully raised donation for one of the local handicapped house.
Yong who now also a guitar instructor, instruments distributor & retailer, at the same time fencing coach in one of the local university.
May 2011    National Cancer Society Roadshow with MadAcouctic Trio
Apr 2011    Solo Concert in Eikyi Musicafe, Melaka
Jul   2010    Yamaha Music Caravan (Melaka)
Aug 2009    Penang Guitar Festival
Nov 2008    Melaka Guitar Charity Night
Dec 2007     Yamaha Guitar Camp appointed guest performer
Oct 2005    Historical City Toastmasters Club appointed performer

Jul   2010    Finalist of 1st Beijing International Finger-Style Guitar Festival (IFSGF)
Dec 2007    Finalist of 1st Malaysia International Guitar Festival (MIGFEST)
Aug 2006    Grand Prix Winner at Open Solo category of Yamaha Guitar Festival
Dec 2003    2nd Runner-Up at Open Solo category of Yamaha Guitar Fiesta

Feb 2007    Composed Freeman Guitars official website’s theme song “Debut”


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