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We are inventors of string instruments’ peripheral devices that love music through playing these
string instruments.

Sozo is an entity that set forth to make the unreachables to become accessible and simple to all
string instrument lovers, if not to most. The founders are driven by their passion in creating Sozo.
Assuredly, the inventions and innovations are influences by their love for musical instruments and
also underpinned by their attitude to make things accessible and simple.

In this inaugural Singapore Guitar Show, we would like to launch Sozo into the market by positioning
it as a brand associated with invention and innovation of peripheral devices for string instruments.
While there are numerous products in the pipeline of making, we will be featuring a guitar care
product that we have patented with delight. The product is unprecedented in the way it is utilized by
end-users. In caring for guitars, there are many different aspects and humidity control is considered
as a big thing for guitar lovers given the hygroscopic nature of wood. Suffice to say that wood
takes in water easily but the reverse is proven to be difficult. Sozo has invented a product that will
challenge the existing paradigms towards humidity control in many ways, especially in the area of
removing moisture from wood (guitars or similar musical instruments), a.k.a. dehumidification.
Sticking to our philosophy, the existing dehumidifying process will be replaced by simple and
accessible means, only made possible by this unprecedented invention from Sozo.

We are very excited to showcase this amazing product to all guitar lovers who love playing the
instrument, as well as caring for it. See you at the show!

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