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Welcome to the golden era for guitarists. With so many established choices in the market, the actualisation of Maestro Guitars was always going to be an uphill battle. The journey of Maestro Guitars from its humble beginnings has been fraught with endless frustration, learning, and success. The story began in 2001 when Hozen was still a young sophomore.

Ho Zen Yong, founder of Maestro guitars and affectionately known as Hozen, possesses an entrepreneurial spirit so often lacking in Singapore. Having dabbled in various business ventures during his varsity days in SMU (Singapore Management University), plunging into the guitar business was a surprise to many. His father who runs a piano shop (Renner Piano Co.) was probably a vital influence in this seemingly bold choice; especially in Singapore. Being immersed in music since young, Hozen plays some piano and guitar but has always been fond of the six string. When he was an undergraduate, he had already envisioned a line of guitars which would eventually set new standards in terms of quality and affordability.  So was born Maestro guitars.

The Maestro Logo is recognized regionally as a symbol representing tradition, innovation and quality. Maestro is known for our quality tone woods and hardware as well as unparallel price-performance ratio our instruments can offer.

At Maestro Guitars, we believe that everyone is a master of their own level. Be it strumming a three chord campfire tune or playing an intricate fingerstyle piece, we aim to have it covered.

Even with rising cost of tonewoods and other raw materials, Maestro Guitars continually strives to bring you exceptional value, regardless of price.

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